My name is Febrah Hall. I have been a teacher for the last 10 years, and this upcoming year I will be a school counselor. Growing up as a kid I had the experience of being taught by teachers of all races so it never really occurred to me that everyone didn't have the same luxury. During my years of teaching I noticed that many students weren't able to have a teacher that they could relate to. Many students don't see a minority teacher until they reach high school. I can not count how many times I've had a young Black girl express to me how awesome it was for them to see a Black teacher! When students are able to "see themselves" in an educator it can change their entire perspective about learning, what they can become in the future, etc. This is why I felt it was important for me to write this book and shine some light on the situation.
I definitely hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed creating it.