Febrah Hall~ Author

When five-year-old Jacob met President Barack Obama in the Oval Office he had one simple request, to touch the President’s hair.  Immediately Jacob said, “your hair feels just like mine”.  In this book, Zhara is surprised at having a Black teacher.  Her shock “grew into excitement and joy” with Mrs. Sammuels.  We need more role models that look like their beholders.  Just as Peter Souza took that famous pic of Jacob with Barack Obama, Febrah also gives us a memorable picture in “She’s Brown Like Me.”

Ron Meshey

I thought this book was so interesting, and it was mind blowing to think that there aren't others out there about this topic; at least none that I've heard of. My daughter absolutely loved the book, especially the ending. She's had me read it to her about 8 times now!

Tisha Mosley

"She's Brown Like Me" is a great book for all ages. My students were so engaged while I  was reading and always wanting to know what would happen next. There was great vocabulary in the book for my first graders to learn. It was so applicable to my kids  of every race. I had some students say "wow she looks like me!", or "I know how she feels going to a new school feeling nervous", or "I'm glad I don't have to move schools like Zhara". There were a lot of connections made even if Zhara was older. My students loved the illustrations as well! But most of all the best comment was a little girl being so amazed that Mrs. Hall was the author and looked like her! She was inspired even at 7 years old. I'm glad that I have another book in my school library that has a woman and children of color for my students to read! 

Hannah Owens~ 1st grade teacher